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Stroop Club | Traditional Caramel Stroopwafels (2-pack)

Stroop Club | Traditional Caramel Stroopwafels (2-pack)

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The true Dutch OG, but international award winning! This ode to our home country brings you to the Amsterdam canals without the jetlag, carbon footprint or animal suffering. Close your eyes and travel through time and space with our OG stroopwafel! USDA Organic, clean and sustainably sourced ingredients. Packaged using post-consumer recycled materials. Two stroopwafels per package. Made in Canada.

About Stroop Club: Moving from one continent to another is a huge undertaking. When we moved from The Netherlands to Austin by the end of 2015, we brought our very own tool to bridge our cultural differences: Stroopwafels! Fast forward to 2022, we even improved our authentic Dutch recipe into fully organic and plant based.

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