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Butterfields | Peach Buds Candy (71g)

Butterfields | Peach Buds Candy (71g)

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When celebrity chef Rachael Ray declared Butterfields Peach Buds one of her favorite things on her popular talk show, our small North Carolina candy factory gained national recognition. These distinguished peach-flavored hard candies are Butterfield's signature candy. As we like to say, “It all started with a peach!” Our philosophy? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For 100 years, our customers have been enjoying the mouth-watering flavor combination of fresh peach nectar and sublime coconut. We’ve heard all kinds of descriptions for the taste experience but our favorite is "it’s a match made in candy paradise". We wholeheartedly agree and think you will too. Made in the U.S.A.

"Located in Nashville, North Carolina, Butterfields Candy Company makes handcrafted candy the same way it was done back in 1924. We proudly manufacture and package all of our products in the USA. All of our candy is 100% dairy free, gluten free, and made with pure cane sugar. Our famous original Peach Buds hard candy is a delicate bouquet of fresh, ripe, peachy tang, mixed with the sweet dab of smooth, creamy coconut. This secret recipe has been perfected and enjoyed by candy lovers for over a century. Today, Butterfields offers a full line of scrumptious fruit flavor candies, all capturing the true essences of your favorite fruits."

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