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Otherly | Chunky Coconut Oatmilk Chocolate (40g)

Otherly | Chunky Coconut Oatmilk Chocolate (40g)

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BB May 25 2025

OTHERLY Coconut is a new member of the family, where the sweet coconut covered with our signature Oatm*lk Chocolate to evoke a decadent plant based snack with tropical vibes. Origin: Colombia. Made in the U.K.

Ingredients: Contains: Peanuts. May contain traces of milk, soya, gluten, peanuts, and nuts. Peanuts bar with sugar and sweeteners covered with oat chocolate couverture. Ingredients: Peanuts (38%), polydextrose (fibre), sugar, cocoa butter, dried gluten-free oat powder, sweetener (maltitol), vegetable fat (shea, coconut), cocoa mass, inulin, sweetener (sorbitol), humectant (glycerol), dried rice powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), salt, natural flavours, natural colour (caramel), sweetener (steviol glycosides). Cocoa solids: 43% minimum.

THE OTHERLY BELIEF There’s the normal way of doing things. And then there’s the not-so-normal way. We call it the Otherly way. See, most of those guys use cows’ milk, we use oat. We might be a little different, but we think that it’s actually those little differences and oddities that make us special. We all have our quirks. Every one of us. Our own ways of doing things, our own ways of thinking. And this is the chocolate for those who embrace those little things that make them unique. Otherly is where you’re celebrated. Otherly is your safe space. So, unwrap, take a bite, and discover your Otherly side.

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