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Points | Chocolate Candy Pieces (Small 28g)

Points | Chocolate Candy Pieces (Small 28g)

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POINTS! Rainbow Chocolate Candy is the ideal low sugar healthy snack or topping, & a delicious plant based, high fiber alternative to traditional rainbow chocolate pieces. GUILT FREE CHOCOLATE SNACK: POINTS! silky, crunchy, & delicious keto friendly chocolate contains only 90cal per serving, 7g of Fiber, and 1g net carbs. GOOD FOR YOU FUN: We leave out all the added sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors commonly found in traditional candy brands without sacrificing taste like other low calorie candy. ALL THE TREATS WITHOUT THE TRICKS: POINTS! is a part of our mission to bring you your favorite, timeless treats without all the carbs, processed ingredients, & added sugars. The Hummii team is on a mission to “Reimagine A Healthy+Yummii Snack Universe!”

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Erythritol, Soluble Tapioca Fiber. Less Than 2% Of: Gum Acacia, Spirulina, Extract, Turmeric Oleoresin, Vegetable Juice [Red Raddish & Beat Juice], Shellac, Carnauba Wax.

Welcome to "A Healthy+Yummii Snack Universe!" THE MIGHTY MISSION: Here in the Hummiiverse we are inspired everyday to bring YOU Fit & Fun snacks reimagined from our childhood favorites. THE SWEET STORY: Tyler Phillips, founder of the Hummiiverse, started the brand in 2020 while living in Puerto Rico & adopting a clean, plant-based diet without added sugars. As the pandemic hit, he spent a ton of time with his four other younger siblings in their hometown of Altamont, NY. During those uncertain days it was nice to bond as a family over recreating some of the snacks/candies that brought us comfort while growing up. The name Hummii originated as a cute combination of the words Healthy+Yummy...and spelled in a more fun way. And oh yeah, along the way these Mighty Cartoon Mascots found their way into the immersive world of the Hummiiverse in a battle with the all-time evil Sugar Corp. HOW YOU CAN HELP THE HUMMIIVERSE: Now at Hummii Snacks we are proud to introduce to you POINTS! Rainbow Chocolate Candies as a low sugar & plant-based alternative to M&Ms. SO ARE YOU READY TO YELL "YUMMMMY" FOR HUMMII & HELP US "PASS THE POINTS!" ???

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