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Notorious Nooch | Nutritional Yeast: Smoky Bacon (80g)

Notorious Nooch | Nutritional Yeast: Smoky Bacon (80g)

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BB Apr 1 2025

Nutritional yeast, or Nooch, is notoriously versatile! High in B-vitamins, use it as your secret weapon seasoning. Through a unique toasting and blending process, we've dialled up the flavours of nutritional yeast, or nooch for short. Delivering a deep, rich and smoky bacon hit to shake over your favourite food. Made in the U.K.

Ingredients: Nutritional yeast, vitamin D yeast, cyanocobalamin (B12), flavouring*, smoke flavouring anti-caking agent (E551)*from yeast.

About Notorious Nooch: WE LOVE NOOCH We began wondering why the Nooch landscape was so barren and genric. So we began experimenting with flavouring Nooch in our studio. Our first experiments with garlic powder and off-the-shelf seasonings were not cutting the mustard (we didn’t try mustard). Then we discovered a top yeasty secret. You can flavour Nooch with Nooch! We take Nooch, toast it until the flavour profiles develop and then add it back into normal Nooch. AND ... VOILA

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