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Belazu | ‘Nduja Sauce (170g)

Belazu | ‘Nduja Sauce (170g)

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A vegan substitute for classic ‘Nduja, it perfectly recreates the same mouthfeel and melting qualities of Italy’s ‘Nduja. Ve-du-ya® uses the same flavourful Calabrian chillies used in traditional ‘Nduja to give impressive heat and a distinctive, unique flavour balanced with a subtle sweetness from sweet peepers. Sprinkle on pizza as a topping or coat vegetables and roast for a spicy kick; perfect as a base for a vegan ragu, cooking paste to add heat to a recipe, or filling for sandwiches.

Ingredients: Red peppers (31%), Coconut Oil, Haricot Beans, Italian Hot Chilli Peppers (14%), Paprika, sunflower oil, Salt, Wine Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice.

"We are all about FLAVOUR – it is our obsession. Ever since 1991, we have been searching for the best ingredients, always hungry to find what’s new and continually striving for the highest QUALITY. We know everyone we work with personally, and in most cases have done so for a very long time. We gain INTEGRITY from the longstanding relationships we have with our suppliers, growers, employees and you, our customers. The JOURNEY MATTERS. It’s what we are founded on; our care for people, product and the planet goes beyond the journey from farm to table.

In the Spring of 2015, we launched our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, ‘THE JOURNEY MATTERS’ to provide fresh, goal-driven focus to our sustainability efforts. The initiative is based on three core pillars: Product, Planet and People. It promotes positive change through sustainability and social engagement, values which have been embedded in all our processes and communication since 1991, the beginning of Belazu. To accomplish our CSR goals, we work together with our suppliers, customers and employees. We established the Belazu Foundation in 2003 and formalised the Foundation as a registered charity in 2012. The primary aim of the charity is to support food and educational projects for children and young people in UK and the Mediterranean. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and we are conscious that we can always do more to contribute to a more sustainable future for all."

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